Comprehensive tool for athletes in the western space

Effortless Entry Process

Use our event search feature to locate the optimal rodeo and enter directly from the app with the push of a button.

Live Results and Updates

Follow along with real-time live updates and check results on every rodeo while on the go with the all-access app.

Personal Run Delivery and Media

View your personal runs or the winning runs directly from the live-results page at events live-streamed by NextGen!

Choose Preferences and Trades

Optimized entry and run orders provide a higher preference chance, more entries, and ability to trade runs with no hassle.

App Push Notifications

With fully customizable notifications, you can be notified when entry opens, runs are finalized, and so much more.


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What You Receive with a NextGen Subscription

What You Receive With A FREE NextGen Subscription

Optimized entry and run orders

Ability to easily enter events 

Access to Draw

Access to results after the event is over 

Can make trades 

Can watch personal run videos 

Additional features you will receive with a paid NextGen subscription

Live results

Live leader boards

Access to Livestreams 

View yours and your friends runs

Split timer breakdown

Access to draw

Need App Help? Call or text our tech support

 At NextGen Rodeo we strive to bring contestants the most comprehensive event experience. If you have questions about the application or are needing help please call NextGen (903) 287-7852 or check our YouTube Channel for more 'How To' videos!

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Tuesday through Friday 8am - 4pm CST 

Weekends please call

(903) 231-2014

Saturday 8am CST - 4pm CST

Sunday 8am CST - 12pm CST