Built by and for Those Who Love The Rodeo Lifestyle

Rodeo Logistics is a software development company with rodeo roots. We are made up of former rodeo contestants and secretaries, arena managers and cutting-edge software developers.

Our mission? Make rodeo management easier and more organized with easy-to-use technology built specifically for the rodeo lifestyle.

We focus on modernizing rodeo operations with customized technology solutions. Open Stalls gives facilities and contestants a quick way to rent stalls and RV spots ahead of events. Entry Tool is the fastest way to onboard contestants.

People may say rodeos and technology can’t coexist, but we’re proving them wrong with uncomplicated solutions that don’t require technical expertise. We just make things easier so those in the rodeo circuit can do what they love without all the hassle.



Jeff Hermon
Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Jeff leads Rodeo Logistics staff, including designers, developers, engineers, quality assurance, and product owners.

Jeff is a highly-respected software engineer with an impressive history of more than 25 years in team leadership, product and project management, software engineering, and technical solution development. Throughout Jeff’s career, he has been dedicated to helping companies achieve their business development goals by delivering technical solutions that align with their strategic goals and objectives.

Jeff graduated at Emporia State University with a B.S. in Management Information Systems.


Mason Burk
Product Owner

As a product owner, Mason oversees developers and operational managers. In addition to leading team members, he is responsible for new enhancements and visions – keeping Entry Tool an industry leader.

Mason has been with Rodeo Logistics from the beginning and has helped the company grow to where it is today. He oversees the entire Entry Tool platform, while also maintaining relationships with partners to grow the product. Mason works directly with our clients and tailor fits each event to their needs.

Mason graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Industrial Systems Engineering.

Rylee Vincent

Product Owner

As the product owner for Open Stalls, Rylee oversees account managers, developers and operation teams for the Open Stalls product. Rylee is responsible making client connections and maintaining relationships while researching and communicating new visions for the product. Rylee travels to client events to gather intel, research new product development, and assists in running the operations. She truly is an expert in the product as she additionally travels to sponsored rodeo events to run all stall and RV operations. Rylee has been with Rodeo Logistics from June of 2020 and continues to grow relationships with her clients while providing high level customer support.

Rylee graduated from the University of Wisconsin Stout with a B.S. in Hospitality Management


Graves Wallace
Account Executive

Graves Wallace has spent his entire life in farming and ranching communities. In addition to growing up in the rodeo community, he is also a competitor. Some accomplishments throughout his career include being a THSRA Region 6 Champion in high school, competing all four years at the THSRA Finals. He attended Southwest Texas Junior College on a full-ride rodeo scholarship and competed in many championships in both USTRC and WSTR.

Graves strives to enhance western sports in any way possible with his deep experience in production, communications, sales and finance. He adds genuine insight into Rodeo Logistics by having an extensive background in the rodeo community.

Graves graduated from Southwest Texas Junior College with an Associates Degree in General Studies and carries a Wildlife Management Certification.